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i bet you won't remember me. we used to be friends, i guess? then we stopped talking. mostly my fault, though. but hi. i was just thinking about you. and i miss you. it's been, what, two years since we last spoke? and this is probably the creepiest ask you've ever received. but yeah. just wanted to drop by and see how you're doing. hope you're well, aimi.

well, i remember 90% of people i regularly talked on tumblr, so i probably do remember you. and i haven’t been able to tumblr much lately so it’s probably my fault. and it would help if you un-anon yourself :D

although i may have a pretty good idea who you are.

and you can always get to me on twitter or facebook since i can’t really tumblr often :(

don’t stay stranger :-(

i miss tumblr so much i will give you my body if you give me internet

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how would block b spend valentines day with you, dirty(er), zico's version. Did you write the original fanfiction? I swear there is a fanfiction I read with that same paragraph word for word.

did you mean this thing?

there is also an awesome fanfiction based on the zico part written by someone on aff, but i lost the link.

i bet no one here remembers me anymore sigh 

im still alive hi and bye

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i came into this world covered in someone else’s blood and screaming and lemme tell you i’m not afraid to leave it the same way

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i like watching romantic comedies and stuff like that with girls because then they get all cute and cuddly and watching scary movies because they get scared and squeeze my hand and bury theyre eyes in my chest but most of all i like watching documentaries bc then they get bored and start to doze off and then i insert my feeding tubes into their skulls and draw the life out of their bodies as they sleep aw

what the fuck did i just read

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